No Needle Mesotherapy

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Hailed as the next generation following dermal rollers Electro Mesotherapy breaks down the cell wall to enable ingredients to be delivered into the cell where they are needed most.
Per treatment – Including cleanse, exfoliate, Mesotherapy with Serum and Mask

Face -£45

Full Canopy LED

Full canopy LED ensures rapid and effective treatment unlike a few LED lights on a handset which cannot deliver an effective outcome. Each colour has a specific weight, temperature, wavelength, density and energy level to stimulate or minimize various metabolic functions. The different colours give off different frequencies which have varied effects on physical and psychological functions. We can provide treatments for Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation, Acne and Detoxification.

Blue Light – 470nm wavelength for acne. Increases skin hydration and kills bacteria.
Green Light – 575nm wavelength for pigmentation and regeneration of cells.
Yellow Light – 590nm wavelength helps with anti-inflammatory, relaxes the nervous system and increase lymphatic circulation.
Red Light – 640nm wavelength for anti-ageing. Increases blood circulation, collagen synthesis and reduces pore size.


One Light therapy – including cleanse, tone, mask with LED – £28 for half an hour
Two Light therapies – including cleanse, tone, mask with LED – £38 for an hour

Please watch the video below for more information on the treatment


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