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3D Lipomed - banish fat and cellulite

Tried everything to get your dream bum, tum or thighs? Want to banish that muffin top?

We are now offering the brand new 3D Lipomed treatment to all our customers.

In clinical trials the treatment has been proven to reduce fat by up to 40% without the need for any additional exercise routine - a first in the non-surgical field.

Until now, the 3D Lipomed had only been available to London customers of BBC Apprentice winner, Dr Leah Totton.

The treatment, endorsed by celebrities like Kate Middleton and Coleen Rooney, has featured in OK magazine, scoring nine out of ten and beating all competing treatments.

What does the 3D Lipomed do?

This treatment is for people who have small stubborn areas of fat that they just can’t shift.

The 3D Lipomed reduces body fat by destroying fat cells, instead of merely breaking them up. It uses a variety of methods including ultrasound, radio frequency and cryolipolysis. Unlike standard liposuction, this treatment doesn’t require vigorous exercise to guarantee results. Just six treatments are needed for long lasting benefits, and results are instantaneous after the first visit.

The technologies incorporated in the 3D- lipomed are:


Cavitation is the latest non- invasive body contouring treatment for localised fat and deep cellulite. Four Transducers ensure a large treatment area and reduced treatment time.

DUO Cryolipolysis

Using the unique combination of electro and cryo therapy, 20-40% of the fat cells in the treated area die in a natural way and dissolve over the course of several months. The 3D- lipomed allows 2 areas to be treated simultaneously.

Focus Fractional Radio Frequency

Focus Fractional Radio Frequency is the 3rd generation of RF Technology. It utilises three or more poles/electrodes to deliver the radio frequency energy under the skin. This energy is controlled and limited to the treatment area. Key advantages of this technology are high treatment efficacy, no pain as less energy is required , shorter treatment services and variable depths of penetration.

3D- Dermology RF

The new 3D- lipomed incorporates 3D- dermology RF with the stand alone benefits of automated vacuum skin rolling and radio frequency.

3D Lipomed at Advanced Beauty Centre

It’s easy to understand why owner of Advanced Beauty & Aesthetics Centre, Tracey Nunn-Gribby, wanted to be the first to bring it to Nottingham. She said: “I’m delighted to be able to launch this kind of treatment to the Nottingham market. We’ve worked with similar machines before, but I’ve never seen anything before that can offer such impressive clinical results.

“We’re so excited about the treatment, and every one of the customers who have tried it so far, have been delighted with the results.”

You will see instant results from your first treatment with Lipomed and after just six to eight sessions, you will notice a dramatic difference to your body shape, skin and most importantly, your confidence.


Cavitation & Skin Tightening 1 hour session – £100.00

Course of 6 - £450.00

Course of 8 - £550.00

Cryolipolysis session - £250.00

Course of 2 - £380.00

Course of 4 - £550.00


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